What is a virtual boutique car rental  company?

We are a local car rental service that differs greatly from large, corporate rental companies. With CarTREK, you'll never need to stand in a lineup. We offer amazing extras, such as car seats, strollers, and extra roof cargo for all that ski and camping equipment! We include free vehicle delivery within a 15km radius of Downtown Calgary.

There is no front desk. So how does this work?

Much like a big-box rental company, you will book and pay for your vehicle online. We take a 10% rental deposit (100% refundablee upon cancellation before 24 hours) when you book your car. Upon arrival at the airport (or other location), your designated driver will pick you up. After that, our driver will drive to their next pick-up location, finalize your booking, and you'll be on your way.  

do i need to talk to my driver?

No, but the drive-time back to your driver's next location is actually quite valuable. Not only can your driver acquaint you with your vehicle, they can also provide you with awesome tips about your trip. Your driver will also go through the rental agreement with you and help you complete the "walk-around" of your vehicle before signing out your car.

can i cancel my trip?

Yes. Just go to "My Booking" in the navigation menu, enter your reservation number, and follow the instructions to cancel your trip. Your 10% deposit is always refunded if you cancel before the 24-hour cut-off period.

what are Our famous "free extras"?

Free delivery of your vehicle to the airport or within 15 Km of Inner-City Calgary.

Free carseats, boosters, and strollers for kids! So much less to load on the plane!

Free cargo boxes when requested. These containers are mounted on top of your vehicle to hold cargo like ski or camping equipment and extra items.

Free national/provincial park passes in Alberta.

FREEDOM. No waiting in lines.

how does Insurance work?

You provide your own. All insurance is based on your Credit Card or personal insurance plan. If you are not insured, you will need to purchase insurance from us.

I need to leave my trip early - are there fees i'll need to pay?

Yes. Since your vehicle is booked for a reserved amount of time and it is past your 24-hour change/cancellation cut-off, there is a 10% deposit fee associated with this change. 

What happens if i get  a ticket?

Once we receive your ticket in the mail, we will scan it and email it to you for your reference.  Any extra charges incurred will need to be paid on your reservation credit card unless an otherwise agreed-upon method is arranged.  There is a $20 administration fee for every infraction dealt with at our office - but hopefully there won't be any tickets for you!

Can I choose my favorite car?

Probably, yes.  If we have 4 BMW X3's, for example, and you love driving the "orange one" when you come into town, you may specifically ask for that vehicle. If the car isn't reserved already, we will do our best to accomodate your requests. You'll just need to add the request in your reservation notes and we will get back to you. 

More Questions?